High Jacker Snowmobile Jack
High Jacker Snowmobile Jack
High Jacker Snowmobile Jack
High Jacker Snowmobile Jack
High Jacker Snowmobile Jack

High Jacker Snowmobile Jack

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The High Jacker lift is a snowmobile jack that quickly allows you to raise the rear of your sled after getting stuck in the snow. It is tall, easy to use, and mounts directly to your sled.

The High Jacker is built from sturdy delrin and aluminum. Lightweight and rust free for years of use. 

Ships Complete with:

  • 72" Jack Rod for mountain sleds
  • Universal Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Strap kit
  • Large Footprint Powder Base
  • Complete Instructions

To mount the snowmobile jack to your sled, insert the pointed end of the jack rod into the sleeve of the front bracket. Squeeze the release lever and slide the jack head up to the rear mount bracket. Press the lifting surface against the bracket and tighten with the jack handle.
Squeeze the release lever, push the snowmobile jack head away from the bracket and lift it up from the sled.
Lifting the Sled
Attach the base plate onto the pointed end of the snowmobile jack rod using the tethered pin. Attach the lift strap around either side of the rear bumper. Lifting from the center can allow the sled to fall straight back onto the jack trapping it underneath.
Once the strap is positioned use the release lever to adjust the height of the lifting surface to allow it to fit into the loop of the strap.If necessary use the strap with the hook to lift from the suspension offering an additional 2 feet of lift height.
Lowering the Sled
Simply push the sled to the side away from the snowmobile jack and onto new snow. Repeat as necessary until your sled is free.

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